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Bug#500970: x11vnc package should include java VNC viewer applet jar files.

Package: x11vnc
Version: 0.9.3.dfsg.1-1

In the x11vnc VNC server package, debian does not include the x11vnc
java viewer applet jar files:


evidently because (the explanation given for the 'dfsg' tag) the
x11vnc-x.y.z.tar.gz tarball does not include the Java source files to
create these jar files.

These applet jars are served by the running x11vnc server to Java-enabled
web browsers (or other java web starting mechanisms) that, in turn,
re-connect to x11vnc as a VNC viewer.

Note that starting with x11vnc 0.9.4:


all of the java applet source files are included in the x11vnc tarball.
So debian can now build and include the VNC viewer applet jar files in
the x11vnc package.

For x11vnc running on debian, to enable encrypted SSL VNC connections
to any Java-enabled web browser on the Internet is a compelling reason
to include these jar files in the x11vnc package.

Also, to enable UltraVNC filetransfer with x11vnc to any Java-enabled
web browser on the Internet is another compelling reason.

For reference, here is a recipe a package creator could use to build
the java applet VNC viewer jar files from source and package them:

	# change directory to the x11vnc tree:  
	cd .../x11vnc-0.9.4

	# remove all the prebuilt jar files: 
	find . -name '*.jar' | xargs rm -f

	# build all the jar files from their java source:
	cd classes/ssl/src
	make update_jars
	make clean
	cd ../../..

	# build and install x11vnc as normal, for example:
	./configure --prefix=...  args...
	make install

See classes/ssl/src/README for more information.

This will be a very useful addition to the x11vnc package.

If you decide to package these jars in a separate package outside of
x11vnc, please make x11vnc *depend* on that package so that many users
can readily take advantage of them.

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