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Bug#500627: x11vnc: segfault with xrandr -o 0 on arm

| Steps to reproduce:
| 1) Get openmoko freerunner and install xserver-xglamo package from
| pkg-fso repository http://pkg-fso.alioth.debian.org/debian/
| 2) run xrandr -o 3
| ...

I realized that 'xrandr -o 3' probably enables the 'inverted' state and
not a rotation 'left' or 'right' (I was confused why in your log the
width was 640 before and after...)

So what happens when a left or right rotation (e.g. 'xrandr -o 2') is
performed instead?

The same question, but with '-xrandr' supplied to x11vnc.

BTW, I found a debian workstation with nv video card that supported
rotations, i.e. 'xrandr -o left' and 'xrandr -o right', (but not inversion
'xrandr -o inverted'.)  I saw no crashes of x11vnc when using xrandr to
rotate back and forth and doing -s size changes as well.

One more question, you mention getting and using the xserver-xglamo
X server.  I now see there are other X server options (e.g. Xfbdev)
for this device.  Do they not have the problem?

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