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Bug#500627: x11vnc: segfault with xrandr -o 0 on arm

| Steps to reproduce:
| 1) Get openmoko freerunner and install xserver-xglamo package from
| pkg-fso repository http://pkg-fso.alioth.debian.org/debian/
| 2) run xrandr -o 3
| 3) start x11vnc
| 4) connect to the vncserver with xvnc4viewer
| 5) run xrandr -o 0

Could you please verify this problem still occurs upstream in x11vnc
versions 0.9.4 (released) and/or 0.9.5 (current dev)?

What happens when you run x11vnc with its '-xrandr' option?

What happens when (after a fresh X restart) AFTER x11vnc is started and
a viewer connected you then do the 'xrandr -o 3' followed by 'xrandr -o 0' ?

Is your device capable of 'xrand -s #number' size changes?  If so, what
happens if you use -s changes instead of -o's?

Please post 'xrandr' output (i.e. query output) for before and after
you do 'xrandr -o 3' and also for after the 'xrandr -o 0'.  No need to
run x11vnc to get these outputs.

I don't have an X device capable fo xrandr rotation; only size changes.
Could you post your xorg.conf so I might get an idea how to create a
xrandr -o testing display? 



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