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LSMSGCV: You just sent an email to fhelwiaabha@gvisd.org - please reply

You just sent an email message to fhelwiaabha@gvisd.org.

Please reply to this message so that we know that your email address is OK. Your original email will be delivered once your reply message is received by ttcadmin@gvisd.org.


Many illegal spammers forge email addresses to try to get past spam blocking software.  These spammers send hundreds of millions of spam messages a day, clogging email servers and wasting people’s time.  We regret that these spammers have forced us to send this message to you.


Original From: packages@qa.debian.org

Original To: fhelwiaabha@gvisd.org


LSMSGCV For more information about our spam blocking software please visit www.lightspeedsystems.com


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