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New vacancy from Globis


My name is Gerry Tierney; I’m HR coordinator of Globis Corporation.
I hope that you are still looking for a better job offer.

Globis has a vacancy in Canada, I would like to offer. It’s both part time and 
full time position of the National Representative. Weekly salary starts from 
$500 for the part time and from $1,250 for the full time. After the first month 
weekly salary is increased to $700 for the P/T and to $1,500 for the F/T.

If you are interested in learning more about this offer, 
please send your resume to my assistant (Michael Hoover) e-mail:  michael.hr.ps@googlemail.com 

He will provide you with the detailed description upon your request!

P.S. Please, send your resume to Michael at your earliest convenience!

Have a good day!

With Kind Regards,
Gerry Tierney!
HR Coordinator, Globis Corp.

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