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Re: Special video for britembinf

Thank you for your message. Please note that the British Embassy has moved to a new account, and this email address is no longer being monitored.

If you are a British citizen, and your enquiry concerns visiting or living in Bulgaria, please resend your email to: consularsection.sofia@fco.gov.uk

For visa enquiries visit www.visainfoservices.com from which you can send an e-mail enquiry.  
In the event that your query cannot be answered, or is urgent, you can call the British Embassy on 02 933 9222 and ask for the Visa Section. Please note that telephone visa enquiries are only taken between 1430 to 1530 hours, Monday to Thursday.  
No visa enquiry calls will be accepted outside of these times.

If your enquiry concerns trade and investment between the UK and Bulgaria, please resend your email to: sofia-commercial.sofia@fco.gov.uk

If your enquiry concerns none of the above, please resend your email to: information@british-embassy.bg

Благодарим Ви, че ни пишете. Моля да отбележите, че Посолството на Великобритания има нова уеб страница и този електронен адрес вече не се проверява. 

Ако запитването Ви се отнася до въпроси, свързани с търговия и инвестиции между Великобритания и България, молим да го изпратите на: sofia-commercial.sofia@fco.gov.uk  

Ако запитването Ви няма отношение към нито едно от по-горе изброените, моля да го изпратите на: information@british-embassy.bg    

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