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6030 IPPHONE some introduction

6030 IPPHONE some introduction .
1 Support SIP transport via TCP and UDP
2 Support Call pick up and join call ,click to dial ( Reference to tech-invite)
3 Support Vport ,similar mini pbx function .
4 Realize conference /transfer /call forward between different sip line
5 Support redial and unredial Example: A callto  B  , If B line are busy,then A put down  ,
 A will subscribe B  status by each 60 seconds,and A will ring to remind when B can be called  .
 So A pick up phone and automatically call B .
5 function key support /realize the below feature  
Each key can be set by different function.
Support line key,key_event, dtmf, memory key 
Picture keypad  / web config page
Memory key : 
1 Stored the often-used phonenumber for quick dialing.
 Application :store number like for boss ,secretary  ,service number ,holine...
[parameter is  phonenumber/sipline ]
[example  650@4 ] means pressing the button .FV6030 will dial 650 and go by the sip fourth line
2 Realize BLF (busy lamp field ).for monitor the number current status like ringing ,talking ,busy ,online .
[parameter is /b ]
[example  630/b ] realize 630 blf function 
3 Realize MWI (message waiting indication ).
[parameter is /m]
[example  620/m ] when the button left-led light is on that it mean phonenumber 620 have a new voice mail
Press the button to enter the voice mail and hear the message.
4 Realize Presence function .Check correlative number current status.
[parameter is /p]
[example  621/p ] press the button to check 621 extension current status.
on the lcd will shows 621 online or calling ,leave ,offline .
Line : Set the button for line button.   
[parameter is sip1 ,sip2 ,sip3,sip4,sip5]
[example  sip3 ]  the button is for selecting sip 3 line for calling out.
or when there are a incoming call from sip 3 ,the button led will be on .
from idle status , first press is as speaker . but while taliking ,the button is as hold and switch button.
Key event : set for some special appointed function. 
more feature is under empolder 
Example set the button as DND .
DTMF KEY ,Send out the pre-defined dtmf event .
in dailing state ,press the button ,it will beforehand input before dialing.
it is like auto adding prefix number .
I am writing the 6030 product demo 
If you are interested in .please contact me online.

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