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This one is on the launching pad

MindPix share price starts its' strong come back Friday.  
Up over 27% from low pricing the previous week this one is about to double.

Featured Company:MindPix Corp
Listing : MPIX.PK
Last: .14 UP 27.27%

MPIX continues to be in the news announcing on Thursday their media
divisions completion of another commercial for Total Wellness International
featuring their flagship product Generate 1000. They continue to develope a
profitable niche in the commercial market.

June 30th they announced that the fitness division, manufacturing
UltraFlex, is at its peak efficientcy, and on June 25th they announced the
new production of a new two part television special.

The good news just doesn't stop!

Pricing was low last week but Its about to explode.
Buy  first Monday, Set your buy now.

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