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Bug#487154: toshset claims to need kernel module, man page says otherwise

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 09:33:26PM +0100, Colin Turner wrote:
> Package: toshset
> Version: 1.73-2
> Severity: important
> I installed Debian Lenny with beta 2 installer on a Toshiba Portege 
> R500. toshset is installed, when I run it I get:
> required kernel toshiba support not enabled.
> The manpage explicitly says no special module is required. It's not 
> clear what config option would produce it. I have subsequently 
> recompiled the kernel using a patch from noodles to enable bluetooth 
> support, but I'd like backlight support and so on if possible.
> I see the package is non-maintained, so maybe this is a dead end?
I am the former maintainer.  I orphaned the package because I no longer
have a Toshiba notebook.  I would recommend asking on debian-user or
debian-laptop to see if someone can help.  I will look into it and see
what I can come up with, but it may not be much.  If you can create and
test a patch (or have someone else do so), I would gladly performa QA
upload of the package.

Another possibility might be to contact upstream.


Roberto C. Sánchez

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