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Bug#459931: Planning to upload caudium 1.4.12

In this bug, Henrik mentioned that he prepared a new upstream version
with him as maintainer, to solve this bug and bring caudium in sync
with upstream.

However, trying to build Henrik's package in pbuilder, I went on a

Actually, this FTBFS is #475980. So using the patch proposed in that
bug would fix the two RC bugs.

I therefore propose to upload that version with the following
changelog, which merges all successive versions prepared by Henrik but
never uploaded. I would increase the epoch so that people who could
have used interim releases by Henrik can upgrade.

Henrik, that would set you as *official maintainer*, so I need an ACK
by you that it's OK. Please note that I don't really intend to remain
involved in that package which I have no interest into (I just went on
it because of an old l10n bug!)


caudium (3:1.4.12-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New maintainer (Closes: #411675) 
  * New upstream version, 1.4.12
  * It is hopefully fixing non installability on sid
    Closes: #459931.
  * moved caudium-dev and caudium-perl to architecture: all
  * moved some devel files into caudium-dev
  * moved caudium-dev files to /usr/share/caudium 
  * moved caudium-perl files to /usr/share/caudium 
  * fixed lintian warnings and errors
  * New package translation Portuguese translation for debconf 
    messages, pt (Closes: #436553)
  * Repacked caudium as architecture "all", thus caudium now uses 
    /usr/share/caudium as serverdir instead of 
    /usr/lib/caudium (Closes: #233331)
  * Fix FTBFS with correct include path. Closes: #475980
  * Add a watch file. Closes: #463346
  * ported fixes done by QA-team 2: and 2:
  * fixed configure-stamp, so binary target don't re-configure all the time
  * fixed upgrade from old package, caudium-1.4.9 wouldn't stop before upgrade
  * Merge caudium-foo on ftp-masters recommendation
  * Fixes missing directory /var/log/caudium/localhost
  * Fixed permissions on /etc/caudium/servers
  * Fixed removeing dpkg-statoverrides at removal
  * Fixed chmod:ing cache files when upgrading
  * remove upper limit for pike package in control file
  * patch for apt-get as a client
  * fix the ssl-patch
  * fixed clean target
  * added patch for cgi.pike that was broken
  * added patch for start-caudium to force caudium-nbio instead of the new 
    suffler that seems broken
  * added patch for ssl that was broken
  * removes vera*ttf and lucida_unicode.ttf from source
  * remove recomends caudium-modules when depending on it in debian/control
  * removed debian/ - it only comes with the patch now
    removed also jars(binary only) from orig source
  * Fixed more not-binnmuable-any-depends-all, with (= source:Version}) 
    in control file
  * Fixed not-binnmuable-any-depends-all, with (>= source:Version}) 
    in control file
 -- Henrik Andreasson <debian@han.pp.se>  Sun, 28 Dec 2007 22:45:11 +0100


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