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Bug#339383: libapache-mod-auth-mysql: Errors break other authentication methods

Gene Black wrote:
> Package: libapache-mod-auth-mysql
> Version: 4.3.9-2
> Severity: important
> When the module encounters an error authenticating (such as an invalid
> database config, etc.) instead of failing silently and handing control
> to the other exisiting authentication modules, it breaks. In my
> situation, I want to use the module to authenticate a virtual host on
> the server, but not the entire server. Naturally the virtual host in
> question has a valid config, but the remaining virtual hosts do not.
> Some utilize other authentication methods for their sites. These methods
> are now broke because libapache-mod-auth-mysql attempts first and breaks
> due to the lack of a valid database config.

This description does not exactly make a lot sense.

You're using mod_auth_mysql in a <Directory> or <Location> block usually.

Could you provide enough configuration snippets to rebuild your
setup for verification and debugging?



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