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Bug#287160: Same Problem with 'require group xxx'

After more debugging....

Matthew Palmer wrote:
> > The problem for me is that it is going through the DECLINED route
> > rather than the HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED route.  I've tried various changes
> > to the config file but can't get it think that it is authoritative.  
> There's debugging code somewhere that prints out whether the module thinks
> it's authoritative, I think.  At the very least you could add some.  I guess
> that either something somewhere is turning sec->authoritative off, or the
> code to turn it on in response to the config item is buggered (either is
> possible, though I'd probably put a bit more on the latter, from past
> experience).

The problem seems to be that indeed something somewhere is turning
sec->authoritative off.  It's Apache as Adrian detected.  The problem
is that ap_set_flag_slot() expects to write to a 4-byte int, wherever
the config rec only has a 1-byte int alias unsigned char, thus overwriting
some memory.

Hence, both solutions work: (a) convert the boolean fields into 4-byte int
or (b) define config functions that manage 1-byte unsigned chars properly.
I decided to apply the patch as is because there are some other similar
fields already.



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