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Bug#466513: More information requested about your wmakerconf bug


I am planning to make a QA upload of wmakerconf in Debian, and I would
like some more information about the bug you submitted for it at
http://bugs.debian.org/466513 and http://bugs.debian.org/468390 in order
that I may try to fix it.  (I assume those two bug reports are for the
same problem with the program, is that correct?)

First, please let me know whether you can still trigger this bug.

Unfortunately the backtrace supplied in your bug report does not really
have enough information.  Could you please let me know what you were
doing with WMakerConf at the time it crashed?  Be as specific as you
can.  Also, is there anything unusual about your system configuration or
your Window Maker setup that might be unexpected by WMakerConf?

Please be sure to send your reply directly to the bug's dedicated email
address at 466513@bugs.debian.org .

Thanks and best regards,

Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@gmail.com>
WWW: http://www.starplot.org/
WWW: http://people.debian.org/~kmccarty/
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