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Bug#470758: (no subject)

libspf is currently orphaned in Debian and upstream is currently missing, so I 
think it's fair game for any reasonable interpretation of what doing the 
right thing is.

I've done a few things to get libspf back into Testing, but am really not up 
for maintaining the package, so I'd say go ahead and do what you think is 

I am a pyspf maintainer upstream and the Debian maintainer for the package.  
It used to use a recursion limit too and so I have some experience with this 
is a similar library and some opinions on what it should do....

I think the behavior described in #464029 is definitely wrong.  I think is the 
recursion limit is reached, some kind of error should definitely be reached.  
I think it's open to debate if libspf or spfmilter should be resetting the 
recursion level.  I think it's likely harmless if it's it's done in libspf 
(worst case it gets reset twice), so I think your idea is in the right 
direction, but should also raise and error (return unknown for a result).

Note: I don't code C, so I've no opinion on the implementation in the patch.

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