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Last Chance Posting


This is your last chance to take advantage of this month's alumni discount.  Our campus has been offered a special on custom fitted teeth whitening systems.  A whiter smile not only helps with first impressions, but has proven to be important for job interviews.  Alumni-owned, 3dayWhitening.com has allotted a limited quantity of custom tray fittings and professional whitening gel for students and faculty at a 25% discount.  These teeth whitening systems are exactly the same as used by dentists across the country and are being offered to our school at a fraction of the cost.  Campus representatives (like myself) will be around campus for only a few more days with flyers and more information about this offer.  The unique 25% discount code below will expire next Friday.

GIFT CODE:  92978


We hope that you will take advantage of this discount.  If you do not wish to hear about such offers in the future, please visit:

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