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Bug#474709: rbootd should not hard-code eth0

Package: rbootd
Version: 2.0-9
Severity: important

Please don't hard-code eth0 as interface in /etc/init.d/rbootd.

On modern systems it's possible that eth0 is some device found during
the installation (e.g. firewire) and that the first ethernet device
becomes eth1.  However, the rc script has IFACE=eth0 hard-coded.

The documentation of rbootd says that it's looking for the first
network interface that is up and not 'lo'.  This behaviour should be
fine in most cases.  Maybe the rc file shouldn't lock rbootd to
'-i $IFACE' at all?

Also, since this device is bound to be altered by the admin, it may be
useful to move this configuration into /etc/default/rbootd.



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