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Bug#427585: Can't reproduce the error

Here's what I get:

spfqtool -d 255 -e 1 -i -h mail.example.com -s service@paypal.com
SPF Query Tool v0.4 - James Couzens <jcouzens@codeshare.ca>
[DEBUG]: Debugging level:    255
[DEBUG]: RFC2821 Mail From:  service@paypal.com
[DEBUG]: RFC2821 HELO:       mail.example.com
[DEBUG]: Purported address:
[DEBUG]: SPF Explanation:    Enabled
[DEBUG]: Trusted Forwarder:  Disabled
[DEBUG]: Best Guess:         Disabled

SPF short result:   softfail
SPF verbose result: policy result: [softfail] from rule [~all]
SPF explanation:    NULL
RFC2822 header:     Received-SPF: softfail (mail.example.com: domain of 
transitioning service@paypal.com does not designate as permitted 
sender) receiver=mail.example.com; client_ip=; 

This is the correct result.  It may be that paypal.com had a broken SPF record 
at one point and they've fixed it now.  It may have also been a transient DNS 

Scott K

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