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Bug#455379: pedwarnings no longer errors in GCC 4.3

user tbm@cyrius.com
usertag 455379 - ftbfs-gcc-4.3
retitle 455379 gcc warnings: extra tokens at end of #... directive
severity 455379 minor

I mentioned that GCC 4.3 converted a number of C++ warnings into
errors.  This change has now been reverted after a lot of
discussion.  I just compiled your package with the latest snapshot
of GCC 4.3 and it compiles now, so I'm downgrading this bug.  There
will be changes in GCC 4.4 as to how these warnings are handled,
but I believe this one will stay a warning.  Nevertheless, I believe
it's worth fixing this issue.

Sorry for all the hassle.  I filed this bug only after there was
a big discussion with the consensus that these messages would be
errors in 4.3, but recently there was yet another discussion with
a different outcome.

Martin Michlmayr

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