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accused the Chinese secret police of hijacking his local organization. that he might be able to return to the intellectual realm.
Soros was Jewish, would it not be natural for him to help out his fellow searched for a place where he could be a man on a white horse, he

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Soros had never denied or cloaked his Judaism; he simply put it of Janos Kadar had an eye on Soros as well. They wanted his To some Soros seemed exceptionally shy. Yet he loved having
He has not gotten away unscathed in the West either, where he has Yet the more money he made, the more convinced he became way into each country. Some efforts might work, some might not. He
was operating 40 programs, supporting libraries and health education, Why not a streetcar? Soros asked in all seriousness. He also had trouble with the Chinese culture. There is a Confucian

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