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libbinio_1.4-8_alpha.changes is NEW

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(new) libbinio1ldbl_1.4-8_alpha.deb optional libs
binary I/O stream class library
 The binary I/O stream class library presents a platform-independent way to
 access binary data streams in C++. The library is hardware independent in the
 form that it transparently converts between the different forms of machine-
 internal binary data representation. It further employs no special I/O protocol
 and can be used on arbitrary binary data sources.
  Homepage: <http://libbinio.sourceforge.net/>
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Changes: libbinio (1.4-8) unstable; urgency=high
  * QA upload.
  * Rename libbinio1c2 to libbinio1ldbl for the ldbl128 transition on alpha,
    powerpc, s390, and sparc.  Closes: #430247.

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