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Bug#453009: Upgrade to varkon-1.19B removes need for gcc-3.3

Package: varkon
Version: 1.18A-3

Varkon FTFBS on the new ARM EABI port because it has
-fwritable-strings in its makefiles, which disappeared after gcc-3.3,
and ARM EABI only works from gcc-4.1; it will never have gcc pre-4.1

---Johan Kjellander <johan@toan.se>---
> As far as I know -fwritable-strings has been removed
> from all Varkon makefiles for linux. The current
> source dist. 1.19B on SourceForge should definitely
> compile without writable strings.

I is also interesting that varkon is the very last package out of 7000
that requires gcc-3.3

I suggest upgrading the Debian version of varkon to 1.19B both to make
it compilable on Debian armel and to remove the last requirement for
gcc-3.3. For armel it's critical; for everyone else a wish-list item.



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