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Kao Linda Cecile

My name is Kao Cecile, and I am the only daughter of my deceased father
Philippe Kao, a trader who was a very rich cocoa farmer based in Abidjan,
the economic capital of the Ivory Coast. Before my father was poisoned by
his business associates at one meeting to discuss a matter of cacao. My
mother had died on 21 October 2000.
 My father was taken to a special hospital in  June 24, 2007, where he finally
gave up the ghost here in Abidjan.  My father has left the sum of 17.500.000
USD (Seventeen  Million Five Hundred Thousand  American Dollars)  with a
Security Finance company in Europe.
I therefore require you services in the following below: 1-4

1) Help me get a bank account where the money will be transferred.
2) Help to secure these funds.
3) Assist me in area of investment in your country.
4) Help me secure a visa to come over to your Country immediate you receive
the funds.

Please feel free to ask any question for more clarification, and I will
supply you all relevant information regarding this deposit, before I contact
the Company in Europe and personify you as my family confidant to make the
claim legally. How many percentage would you want to take for your assistance?
Please indicate that.
See you soon.
Kao Cecile.

NB: you need to know that before undertaking anything, I have to be sure
that you are a  sincere person, hence I have all the information necessary
regarding the money, and every information about my late father's business
proving every bit of his cent as a certified clean money.


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