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I am Mr. Morgan Goodluck the present director of finance Ghana
ministry of mines,at the end of the present government tenure
 which is 2008 December, i will be resigning because my present
position is a political appointment it will end when the government ends.
In view of this fact,i am soliciting for a join business venture with
 your company,or better say i want you to help me invest some
amount of money in your company. The fund in question was
 gotten from a business deal i was doing with a gold mining company
 call Anglo Gold,since i cannot invest the
 money in my country due to my position as the director of finance,i want
 the fund invested outside my country so it will not raise an eyebrow.
Please get in touch with me  so we can negotiate on how to get this fund
across to you in your country  so I'll come over once my tenure in office
has ended,meanwhile we will negotiate a face to face meeting here in
Ghana to sign all partnership agreement .The amount involve in this
transaction is $12.600.000.00 twelve  million six hundred thousand
US Dollars,i am waiting for your urgent response to this mail.
Tel:+  00233274102211
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Morgan.

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