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Bug#442416: libmxml1: Cannot load zynaddsubfx's data files

retitle 442416 libmxml1: Cannot load zynaddsubfx's XML files

Some more information for the mxml maintainer, mxml 2.3 does not seem to
be able to load the XML files used to store zynaddsubfx's presets.

        $ zcat /usr/share/zynaddsubfx/banks/Arpeggios/0001-Arpeggio1.xiz | xmllint - > /dev/null; echo $?
To reproduce:

     1. run zynaddsubfx
     2. choose the Instrument -> Show Instrument Bank menu item
     3. Click the white box at the top of the window
     4. Choose Arpeggios in the menu that appears
     5. Observe the messages in the console consisting of "mxml: Missing
        close tag </ZynAddSubFX-data> under parent <!DOCTYPE
        ZynAddSubFX-data>!" several times
     6. Click the first item, "Arpeggio1"
     7. Observe the message in the console "mxml: Missing close tag </!
        DOCTYPE ZynAddSubFX-data> under parent <?xml version="1.0"

mxml 2.2 was able to load the data files without a problem.

Sam Morris

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