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www.debian.org's image and graphic objects have been added to ByteShark OSE.

www.debian.org can now be found based on the visual content of its web page 
logos, photographs, seals, pictures, diagrams, graphics, charts, etc.., 
in the http://www.ByteShark.com Object Search Engine (OSE).

Using ByteShark OSE, web surfers can now find www.debian.org searching with 
logos, photographs, seals, pictures, diagrams, graphics, charts, etc.., 
instead of the traditional word search used by Google, Yahoo, and others.

By searching by the actual object the user is interested in, ByteShark 
provides highly targeted search results, vs. the shotgun approach of word 
based search engines, that often provide scattered and irrelevant
search results.

For example, if a user has a picture of a car, they can now use that 
picture to find web pages with that car picture, or similar car pictures.  
Or, if a user is looking for web pages that represent a specific company,
product, or have a specific seal, like the Verisign Security Seal, 
they can now search using the logo, product picture, or seal to find all
the web pages displaying them, or modified versions of them throughout
the Internet.

ByteShark can track the migration of a specific logo, product, image, 
etc., sending you an e-mail every time a new copy or modified version pops
up on the Internet.

ByteShark created object signatures from logos, photographs, seals, 
pictures, diagrams, graphics, charts, etc.. found on the first 10 web 
pages of www.debian.org.  

As mentioned above, the ByteShark crawler has only included object 
signatures from the first 10 web pages found on www.debian.org.  No copies of the 
actual web page logos, photographs, seals, pictures, diagrams, graphics, 
charts, etc.., are kept by ByteShark, including thumbnails. 

ByteShark keeps a copy of the 30 byte object signature which is used by 
ByteShark to find the object and similar objects that a web surfer has 
submitted to ByteShark to search.

To see what logos, photographs, seals, pictures, diagrams, graphics, 
charts, etc.., from www.debian.org are now searchable in ByteShark click below:


To add other websites or more objects from a website click below:


For tips for creating website objects that match users? search requests 
best, click below:


The ByteShark search engine is FREE to web surfers and web sites.  It is 
supported by advertising.  To advertise click below (We?re new so the 
price is really, really low.  You only pay for clicks to your website from 
your ad.)


The ByteShark Crawler.

P.S. ByteShark Video searching is coming soon.  It will allow customers
to search for any frame from a video throughout the Internet in other videos,
or as a stand alone picture. ByteShark video searching includes 
image-in-image objects. see: http://www.byteshark.com/ExampleOIO.html

Note: This e-mail was automatically generated by the ByteShark crawler.  
It should be a one time notification e-mail.  If for any reason you 
continue to receive e-mail from the ByteShark crawler please e-mail 
crawler@ByteShark.com and we will investigate the cause of the additional 
e-mail and take corrective action.

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