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Bug#444061: astrolog: Placalc code not distributable

Package: astrolog
Version: 5.40-3
Severity: serious
Justification: copyright

We don't have a license to be redistributing the Placalc code contained
in the placalc.{c,h} and placalc2.c source files.  Upstream says:

# The extended accurate ephemeris databases and formulas are from the
# calculation routines in the program "Placalc" and are programmed and
# Copyright (C) 1989,1991,1993 by Astrodienst AG and Alois Treindl The
# use of that source code is subject to regulations made by Astrodienst
# Zurich, and the code is not in the public domain. This copyright
# notice must not be changed or removed by any user of this program.

While Astrodienst AG and Alois Treindl may have given upstream
permission to use the code, that doesn't allow _us_ to redistribute it.

Upstream _does_ explicitly permit redistribution, modification, etc., of
the rest of the package.

Since we don't distribute the extended ephemeris database already,
removing these files from the source tarball has no effect on the
functioning of the program.

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