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joystick package patch - maintainer unavailable?

Dear Debian Quality Assurance group,

I tried to contact the maintainer of the joystick package - Edward Betts
- via email concerning a patch to the jscal.c component of the joystick
package on 17/09/2007, three days ago. The patch would extend the
capabilities of the jscal tool with axis and button remapping over its
present joystick calibrating capabilities.

I received no response from Mr. Betts, and I see
(http://asdfasdf.debian.net/~tar/bugstats/?edward%40debian.org) that he
has not uploaded anything for over two years.

Can you please tell me what I should do? - I think my patch is useful.
It helps me use my joystick properly with games like searchandrescue, or
tuxkart, because somehow by default the axes are not mapped correctly,
and remapping the axes in xorg.conf just does not help for every game.

I would like to share this patch with others, I think it should be
included in the jscal calibration tool rather than forming some new tool.

Please help me reach Mr. Betts, or let me know how to proceed.

I thank you for your kind help in advance.

Best regards,

Laszlo Kajan

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