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Bug#443113: toshutils: update-modules is deprecated

Package: toshutils
Version: 2.0.1-18
Severity: minor

When upgrading toshutils I get the following:

Preparing to replace toshutils 2.0.1-17 (using
..../toshutils_2.0.1-18_i386.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement toshutils ...
* The update-modules command is deprecated and should not be used!

I think it is because /var/lib/dpkg/info/toshutils.postinst calls
update-modules. The man page for update-modules state: "update-modules is
an obsolete command which does nothing.  Any program calling it should
be fixed."

-- System Information:
Debian Release: lenny/sid
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (1050, 'unstable')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.22-2-686 (SMP w/2 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=en_DK.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_DK.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash

Versions of packages toshutils depends on:
ii  libatk1.0-0                   1.20.0-1   The ATK accessibility toolkit
ii  libc6                         2.6.1-5    GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  libcairo2                     1.4.10-1   The Cairo 2D vector graphics libra
ii  libfontconfig1                2.4.2-1.2  generic font configuration library
ii  libglib2.0-0                  2.14.1-2   The GLib library of C routines
ii  libgtk2.0-0                   2.10.13-1  The GTK+ graphical user interface 
ii  libpango1.0-0                 1.18.1-1   Layout and rendering of internatio
ii  libx11-6                      2:1.0.3-7  X11 client-side library
ii  libxcursor1                   1:1.1.9-1  X cursor management library
ii  libxext6                      1:1.0.3-2  X11 miscellaneous extension librar
ii  libxfixes3                    1:4.0.3-2  X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extensio
ii  libxi6                        2:1.1.3-1  X11 Input extension library
ii  libxinerama1                  1:1.0.2-1  X11 Xinerama extension library
ii  libxpm4                       1:3.5.7-1  X11 pixmap library
ii  libxrandr2                    2:1.2.2-1  X11 RandR extension library
ii  libxrender1                   1:0.9.4-1  X Rendering Extension client libra
ii  makedev                       2.3.1-83   creates device files in /dev
ii  udev                          0.114-2    /dev/ and hotplug management daemo

toshutils recommends no packages.

-- no debconf information

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