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I am Alan Entoray, Director/CEO of "Brandon And May Inc.My Company deals 

with Art designs, African crafts and musical instruments, sales and 

supplies. Our headquarters is in London and we also have stores in Holland 

, France , Malaysia , Scotland and Germany . 


I am using this opportunity to introduce to you a new job opening while 

you are still working at your present working place. We need someone to 

work for the company as a Representative/Bookkeeper in USA . This is an 

employment opportunity and that anyone is qualified to take up this 

post from any location in the states. 


It?s a very easy job that is not expecting too much of such 

experience from you and it won?t disturb your present Job. The average monthly 

income is about 3,500.00 USD and this job takes only 1 hour per day 

from home or anywhere you have access to a computer. If you are 

interested, kindly reply immediately. This space is opened till the 25th of oct, 



Alan Entoray


Brandon And May Inc.

NB:REPLY DIRECTLY TO ME HERE:- alanentoray1@yahoo.com , I REPLY 


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