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Bug#369739: Downloader for X crashes

d4x running on debian etch 4.0.

This seems to be the same as bug reported under this number: "Unable to download over https, seg faults the moment the download starts." Carried over from testing to stable without being resolved?

For me this happens when I right-click the link in the browser (iceweasel 2.0.6) and select FlashGot option 'Downloader for X'. d4x opens up and segfaults immediately. It also happens if a download is started in the open d4x window.

It doesn't happen with all links, but is easily reproducible with many links, e.g., https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/downloads/file/16973/enigmail-0.94.4-tb+sm.xpi
with which it invariably happens.

This bug is so severe as to make the programme unusable.

Question everything -- Karl Marx

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