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Bug#440218: better proclint man page

Package: procmail-lib
Version: 1:2004.1216-1
Severity: minor

Here is a better proclint man page. Sorry it is in plain text format,
not nroff. (I perhaps should have first used help2man, but instead
wrote this by hand. I could have then also used txt2man, if it weren't
for bug 440214.)

PROCLINT(1)                                                        PROCLINT(1)

       proclint - a lint for procmailrc

       proclint [-options] [rcfiles ...]

       Check procmail rc files for proper syntax, recipe nesting, etc.

       (default are marked with '*'):
       -list         List lines in the procmail recipe files.
       -nolist*      Do not list lines, except for errors.
       -includerc    Scan and possibly list files included with INCLUDERC
       -noinclude*   Do not scan INCLUDERC references
       -procmailrc   Check $HOME/.procmailrc
       -help         Print help message

       Note that -procmailrc and/or rcfiles must be given.

       The output consists of: 'LINE-NUMBER:FLAG:DEPTH: text'.
       FLAG is one of:
	   'R'         recipe
	   'C'         condition
	   'A'         action (redirect, '!', or pipe, '|')
	   'F'         folder
	   '='         assignment
	   '+'         continuation
	   'E'         *line may be erroneous*
       DEPTH indicates the depth of the recipe nesting and is shown only
       when greater than zero.

       There are many bugs. Please regard the output as advisory.

       This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux system
       (but may be used by others).


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