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Bug#436802: man page for ava

Package: ava
Tags: patch
Severity: minor

I've generated the man page with the --help info. So maybe something is missing
I hope it's useful

.TH AVA "1" "August 2007" "AVA 0.3b" "User Commands"
AVA \- Algebraical Virtual Assembler for Atmel's AVR MCUs
ava [\-pLv] [\-\-version] [\-\-multiple\-output\-files] [\-\-motorola]
[\-\-intel] [\-Adevice] [\-lI<filename>] [\-I<dirname>] [\-T{filename}]
[\-Dmacro{=val}] [\-fmacro{=val}] [\-o outfile] files libraries
.SS "Files:"
Assembler source.
Object; if not else specifed, this is the assembler default.
Linker default output file name.
a.out.name Linker extended file name if \fB\-\-multiple\-output\-files\fR is given.
The extension 'name' is replaced with segment name.
Library is a directory of object files linked in alphabetical
.SS "Switches:"
Set output file name (to redirect the output to stdout: \fB\-o\fR stdout)
Use stdin for input and stdout for output if \fB\-o\fR is not set.
Declare target device; same as: \fB\-Ddevice\fR \fB\-Tarch\fR.inc
Define macro with value 'val'. If 'val' is not given 1 is assumed.
Define public macro of the form __macro{=val}
Add directory to the search list or include a file.
Auto\-include the 'target.inc' file or the 'filename' if given.
File specifed by the \fB\-T\fR option is always first in the queue.
Generate listing report (assembler only)
Verbose (enable info)
All reports, infos, errors and warnings are printed on the
stderr. If log file is specified info is redirected.
Errors and warnings are reported to the stderr and log file.
Output version information.
Force linker to split segments in files.
Set Intel standard 16 bit output format.
(sets \fB\-\-multiple\-output\-files\fR by default)
Set Motorola S\-record S1/S2 (16/24) bit
output format.
Set Micro Assembler output format (default)
.SS "AVR specific options:"
Do not check bad return address.
Do not swap bytes in the flash segment.
(this will be the default in future releases)
Report bugs to: uros.platise@ijs.si (http://medo.fov.uni\-mb.si/mapp)
Marcela Tiznado <mlt@debian.org>

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