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Bug#424799: myphpmoney: affected by php4-removal

>  I thought about that. I sent a ITA on february
> and talked to faw by email few times. And i still
> have interest.
>  I think be better/nice the template file be fixed
> by QA, and the QA ask for an update if necessary,
> avoiding errors. Then i can check debian
> scripts. After that, i will try to find a
> sponsor to upload the package. Can be you if
> you want.

Well, I think you should adopt the package *now*. The last upload
fixed the templates (but broke the package...:-)) so it's now time to
adopt it , imho.

About sponsoring, I have not enough expertise in PHP stuff so I
wouldn't be a good sponsor because I couldn't really check your

Better find another sponsor...could be better if that could be a
Brazilian one, which would make the communication easier, of course.

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