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Bug#435421: myphpmoney: can't install, remove or purge

Quoting Herbert P Fortes Neto (h_p_f_n@yahoo.com.br):
> Package: myphpmoney
> Version: 1.3RC3+dfsg-5
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
>  Hi,
>  In version 1.3RC3+dfsg-4 
> "Remove useless question about webservers
> as only Apache 2 is remaining in the archive.
> Edited prerm, postinst and config accordingly"
>  But, in version 1.3RC3+dfsg-5, debian/postinst:96 and
> debian/prerm:13 are using "db_get "myphpmoney/webservers".
> And debian/templates does not make questions about webservers.

Hmmm, I probably should claim responsibility for that one.

The debconf rewrite included the removal of that question but, as the
process is pretty long, I forgot that it should also include a removal
of the relevant maintainer scripts code.

I'll take care of this when i'll be back home in a few days, as this
package is QA-team maintained.

Of course, anyone else can do it, as well. I personnally have *no*
interest in this package except having it use debconf with correct

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