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Bug#345075: New package of space simulator Celestia - please accept my improvements

Hi all,

I've noticed, that wonderfull space simulation software - Celestia is 
very old in Ubuntu and Debian (look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/53491 )
I've noticed, that some people from Debian and Ubuntu are working on new 
package, but at this moment there are no stable packages of celestia 
1.4.x, look at http://bugs.debian.org/374534 for more info.

Luckily I found Christophe Teyssier's packages at http://epicycle.free.fr/ubuntu/
As these packages still have several bugs I fixed them and uploaded 
fixed .diff.gz and packages for Ubuntu 6.10 to 

Christophe, and Debian/Ubuntu developers, please add my improvements to 
your builds, here is list of my improvements: 

  * Removed libgnome-dev from build-deps - this is for old, gtk1-based 
  * Patched Makefile.in to use $(DESTDIR) in install-data-hook section,
    according to 
    (without this all files in your system's /usr/share/apps/celestia 
    folder are removed during compilation of deb package)
  * Removed 'mv bookmarks.xml celestiaui.rc favicons ../../celestia' 
from rules
  * Added category "Education" to gtk/data/celestia.desktop and translated
    kde and gtk celestia.desktop files to Lithuanian language (it seems we
    should use only one .desktop file and move it to -common package, as 
    now we have only one startup script, which starts -gnome or -kde 
    binary automatically)
  * Copied detailed description from celestia to celestia-gnome package
    (currently it's too hard to find space simulator package for gnome users)

It would be nice if my improvements to gtk/data/celestia.desktop would 
be included into upstream.

Btw, I'm posting this message to getdeb.net packages portal developers 
group, because it would be nice to see celestia packages in getdeb.net 
too :)

Labanaktis/Good luck,
Mantas Kriaučiūnas	 Jabber ID: mantas@akl.lt 	 GPG ID: 43535BD5
Public organization "Open Source for Lithuania" - www.akl.lt

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