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Bug#430079: 'scantv -h': Segmentation fault

Package: scantv
Version: 3.95.dfsg.1-3
Severity: grave
Justification: renders package unusable

    % scantv ; echo $?
    Segmentation fault
    % scantv -h ; echo $?
    Segmentation fault

Attached is the output of:

    % strace -o /tmp/scantv.log scantv -h

Hope this helps...

-- System Information:
Debian Release: lenny/sid
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.21-1-686 (SMP w/1 CPU core)
Locale: LANG=C, LC_CTYPE=C (charmap=ANSI_X3.4-1968) (ignored: LC_ALL set to C)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash

Versions of packages scantv depends on:
ii  libc6                     2.5-11         GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  libjpeg62                 6b-13          The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG 
ii  libpng12-0                1.2.15~beta5-2 PNG library - runtime
ii  libzvbi0                  0.2.25-1       Vertical Blanking Interval decoder
ii  xawtv-plugins             3.95.dfsg.1-3  plugins for xawtv and motv
ii  zlib1g                    1:1.2.3-15     compression library - runtime

scantv recommends no packages.

-- debconf-show failed

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