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Bug#392397: RFS: xracer -- Futuristic racing game

Dear all,

I've uploaded a new version in order to fix 392397 RC bug for xracer.
It can be get from http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/x/xracer/
or dget

The upstream author re-package the upstream tarball and it's not
identical to the current one in the archive.
(http://www.annexia.org/freeware/xracer). Thus I use the new one and
padding "+fix1" to version number.

To solve this bug, first I split out all the patches from diff.gz and
using quilt to patch
the source.
To avoid patch Makefile.in or something *not source*, I use autoconf to
rebuild all the configure and *.in. All the patches extracted from
diff.gz are purified to only patch the *source*, like Makefile.am, not
Finally, I extract the patch provided from Margarita and re-written it
to patch Makefile.am only to fix the bug 392397.

Please check this package for me. And if possible, please
sponsor it because I don't have upload privileges.

Many Thanks,
 Ying-Chun Liu
E-mail address: grandpaul@gmail.com

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