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Bug#20977: The PostMapRequestHandler event fires when the ASP.

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A This is a common question. This month, I'll examine what happens on
the server so you can avoid some common pitfalls.
Which of these methods is better? To do this, declare the interface in
If you decide on this technique and then experience a slowdown, you'll
have to determine the origin of the slowdown and if it can be resolved.
You can give these five child controls their own templates, or you can
use the existing templates and just assign some properties. In order to
access the new COM method on the managed client, I copy over the DLL to
the same directory where I have my managed client. I'll also explain how
some other features, such as the DataTable's Compute method and the
SetOrdinal method, can be used to address common business needs. Once
the filter and the expression have been formed, they are passed to the
Compute method and the result is sent to the textbox. The GC is not
responsible for cleaning up the stack because the space on the stack
reserved for a method call is automatically cleaned up when a method
When the source parameter is specified on the query string and set to
true, the module kicks in.
The CCU file maintains an up-to-date copy of the CodeDOM structure of
the page ready to service these requests. NET scavenges the compilation
folders and removes stale resources periodically when an application is
altered and a recompilation is required, however the size of the subtree
rooted in Temporary ASP. If we continue with g again, we'll break at the
call to ManagedMethod, at which point we can use the SOS command ! In
other words, once the module is installed, if you place a call to test.
The contents of the factory class changes depending on the batch
compilation setting.
Adam Nathan's COM interop tome, .
In this month's column, I will concentrate on some of the questions I am
asked most often regarding data manipulation with ADO. When the source
parameter is specified on the query string and set to true, the module
kicks in.
A stack is allocated on a per-thread basis and serves as a scratch area
for the thread to perform its work. The FileHash value represents a
snapshot of the state of dependencies, while Hash represents a snapshot
of the state of the current page file. After the data is loaded into the
DataTable using the DataAdapter's Fill method, a column named
ExtendedPrice of type decimal is added to the DataTable.
Give it a name such as COMClient.
bpmd ManagedClient ManagedClass. The attributes maxBatchSize and
maxBatchGeneratedFileSize let you limit the number of pages packaged in
a single assembly and the overall size of the assembly. In general, you
don't want users to wait too long when a large number of pages are
compiled the first time. This command outputs a managed DLL called
MSDNCOMServerLIB. This new column must be created after the child and
parent DataTables have been created, the DataRelation between the two
has been established, and the OrderTotal column has been created.
A Calculated fields can be created easily by either using a calculated
expression in a SQL statement or creating an expression-bound
DataColumn. NET application requires only one extra line in the web.
Adam Nathan's COM interop tome, .
By default, application pages are compiled in batch mode, meaning that
However, if  the data changes quite often, this solution has a major
flaw in that the loaded data will become stale very quickly. First,
notice that the library MSDNCOMServerLib is translated to namespace
If you accidentally delete the subtree of an active application, don't
fret. While expression-based columns operate on a single row at a time,
the DataTable's Compute method allows you to perform operations on a set
of rows, given a filter and an expression. This article
discusses:Understanding memory leaks in managed appsUnmanaged memory
used in .
NET stored and how are they used to serve page requests?
The processing of an ASP.
aspx pages that make up an application are compiled in the same temp
folder, even if they have the same name and reside in different folders.
The first contains the partial class to complete the class in the code
file and the actual page class derived from that to serve the request.
If batching is turned off,  each page originates its own assembly.

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