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Bug#423159: emacs-snapshot: Can't install package

On May 10, 2007 at 8:47AM +0100,
collector (at mail.telepac.pt) wrote:

> Package: emacs-snapshot
> Version: 1:20070302-1
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
> I can't install emacs-snapshot because it always fails to byte-compile.
> Even when I remove all my addons.
> Here is the log file from the install:
> -- BEGIN --
> emacs-install emacs-snapshot
> install/apel: Byte-compiling for emacs-snapshot ... done.
> install/bbdb: Byte-compiling for emacs-snapshot ...
> Generating bbdb-autoloads...
> Byte-compiling bbdb. This takes looooooong...
> mv: cannot stat `lisp/*.elc': No such file or directory
>  done.
> emacsen-common: Handling install of emacsen flavor emacs-snapshot
> emacsen-common: byte-compiling for emacs-snapshot
> /usr/lib/emacsen-common/packages/install/emacsen-common: line 37: emacs-snapshot: command not found
> ii  dpkg                          1.14.2     package maintenance system for Deb

dpkg 1.14.x seems to be buggy, which might be providing troublesome
to symlinks with update-alternatives.  Could you please try it
again with dpkg 1.13.x?

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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