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Bug#392397: preparing a QA upload

Hi Marga,

With xracer now orphaned, I want to prepare a QA upload that closes
this bug.

However, the diff attached to the bug report includes some anomalies;
The faq.html and faq.txt files appear to have been patched when
Makefile.am indicates that faq.chtml should be the source of faq.html
and faq.txt
faq.txt contains unprintable characters - this I suspect is a build
error where it is assuming that html->txt conversion is done in an
English locale of some kind. I may need to force that to LANG=C. (How
important are the FAQ changes, bearing in mind xracer is orphaned?)
A few Makefile.in files are patched, rather than the
Makefile.am. Whilst this means the rebuild does not need to run
automake or autoconf, if someone does run automake or autoconf to fix a
different bug, the effect of your patches will be lost.

I note the diff was intended as a 'work-in-progress' - is there an
updated patch at all?

I was thinking I'd probably add dpatch support and patch 'src/track.c'

No rush - I expect you're busy with DebConf. (See you in Edinburgh.)


Neil Williams

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