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Bug#407119: emacs-snapshot: German dictionaries for ispell not works in emacs snapshot

[David, please CC the bug submitter if you want him to answer.
 He doesn't automatically receive mails sent to the bug number.]

David Smith writes:
> Hello, I'm working on new packages of emacs-snapshot.
> I am not able to reproduce this bug. I installed ingerman and tested the 
> spelling of the word "Rechtschreibung" and was told by ispell-word 
> that "RECHTSCHREIBUNG is correct because of root RECHTSCHREIBEN" which I 
> assume is correct behavior. Removing one letter gives a prompt to replace the 
> word with the correct "Rechtschreibung".
> I tested with ispell and ingerman 20051113-5.
> What sort of error do you get?

I cannot reproduce the bug either. Jan, can you give more info?
What are the values of ispell-program-name and ispell-current-dictionary?



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