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Bug#407212: Where is tixwish?

retitle 407212 tixwish(1) man page should be removed
severity 407212 normal

Ian Wienand <ianw@debian.org> writes:

> I really don't know much about Tcl, etc, but I'm looking for the
> 'tixwish' program to run a Tcl script I have.  This package includes a
> man page for it, but not the actual program?  Should it be included,
> or the man page removed?

Version 8.4.0 no longer provides tixwish.  From the ChangeLog:

    * tclconfig/* (new):
    new TEA based build system.  This build Tix as a standard Tcl
    extension, and does not have support for stand-alone tixwish.

Here's what TixIntro(3tix) says:

    The tixwish program can be used to execute Tix-based applications.
    tixwish is deprecated.  You shuld use the standard wish program from
    Tk and access Tix via the "package require Tix" command.

So, if you have a script that begins with


try replacing it with

    package require Tix

The man page should be removed, and it might not be a bad idea to
document this in NEWS.Debian.



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