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Bug#241884: tbp-initarchive does not handle relative working_location correctly


Gregory Colpart <reg@evolix.fr> writes:

> Have you concrete examples for this problem?
> Did you try to reproduce bug with last version?

I'm not using tbp anymore, but i succeeded in reproducing the bug.

# cd /tmp
# tbp-initarchive duck@duckcorp.org--toto /tmp/arch workdir
(notice 'workdir' is a relative path)
# mkdir workdir/+packages; cd workdir/+packages
(i copied one of my packages, tofu, managed through arch)
# cd tofu-0.5; tla-buildpackage
 * dpkg-parsechangelog
 * dpkg-parsechangelog
Current working directory /tmp/workdir/+packages/tofu-0.5
is not part of working copy build area
# cat ~/.tla-buildpackage

Instead of looking for /tmp/workdir, it is appending the relative path i
gave on the command line to the current path. This is due to
tbp-initarchive not expanding the path before creating the
~/.tla-buildpackage config file.


Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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