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OK, I realize my previous description sounded like an infomercial.
This new one is more down-to-earth.  Could you please use it as the
new emacs-snapshot-gtk package description?

Description: Integrated development environment full of features
Emacs is an integrated development environment and a Lisp runtime
environment that comes with many Lisp applications included.  Emacs is
hard to learn but very powerful.
It provides the same features as most IDEs:
*   on-the-fly background syntax checking ("Flymake mode")
*   word completion
*   indentation
*   syntax coloring
*   source browsing
*   debuggers for C, C++, and other languages
and features that most IDEs lack:
*   transparent editing and compilation of files on FTP/SSH servers
*   electric mode that inserts newlines and indentation when you type a
*   more customizable preferences than any other IDE
*   over 1000 add-ons available online
The Lisp runtime built into Emacs is good at manipulating text, and
comes with many Lisp applications which make heavy use of text.  These
include email and IRC clients, an RSS reader, and a Unix shell.  Emacs
also includes a full Personal Information Manager suite, a scientific
calculator, Baha'i, Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic calendars, and much
more.  There are many other Lisp applications that can be installed
and run inside Emacs, such as the w3m graphical Web browser and the
AUCTeX WYSIWYG editor for LaTeX.  In addition, Emacs can emulate the
Crisp, EDT, WordStar, and vi editors.
This package is a snapshot of the current development version of
Emacs.  The latest stable version is emacs21.  The package
emacs-snapshot uses old-style menus and toolbars; emacs-snapshot-gtk
uses nicer-looking ones.

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