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Bug#417531: emacs-snapshot: snapshot vs elisp-manual package

reassign 417531 elisp-manual

Kevin Ryde writes:

> Running up
> 	emacs-snapshot -Q
> and opening the manual
> 	C-h i g (emacs)
> then following the emacs lisp manual link
> 	Tab Ret
> opens the emacs 21 manual from the elisp-manual package,
> ie. /usr/share/info/elisp.gz, if you've got that package installed.
> It'd be nice if it opened the emacs-snapshot version,
> ie. /usr/share/info/emacs-snapshot/elisp.gz.
> Maybe "/usr/share/info/emacs-MAJOR" in Info-default-directory-list
> could be ahead of the plain "/usr/share/info".  

No, this would not be right.  If you install a newer version of a
package that comes with Emacs (e.g. Tramp), you want Emacs to pick its
documentation from /usr/share/info and *not* from
/usr/share/info/emacs-MAJOR.  See the docstring for

| When `Info-directory-list' is initialized from the value of
| `Info-default-directory-list', and Emacs is installed in one of the
| standard directories, the directory of Info files that come with Emacs
| is put last (so that local Info files override standard ones).

> Or maybe elisp-manual
> should be putting its bits in the emacs-21 subdir, if that doesn't
> break standalone info readers that don't know about the subdirs.

I think that would be TRT, since the elisp-manual is specific to
Emacs 21.  And at least the `info' program has no problem finding
files in subdirectories.  Reassigning this bug to the elisp-manual


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