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Bug#416661: emacs-snapshot: Non-incremental search started by C-s RET has read-only minibufer

Martin Jambor writes:

> Package: emacs-snapshot
> Version: 1:20070302-1
> Severity: normal
> Pressing  enter   right  after  the   incremental-search  has  started
> (i.e. pressing  C-s RET) is  supposed to start  non-incremental search
> equivalent to  launching interactive function  search-forward. It does
> so, but the minibuffer into which  I am supposed to enter the string I
> search for is read only and so no text can be entered.
> Interestingly, when i launch the search-forward function directly, the
> minibuffer does accept text.
> This bug  appeared after  the last update,  I definitely did  not have
> this problem approx. a month ago.

This is due to the following broken change:

| 2007-03-01  Lennart Borgman  <lennart.borgman.073@student.lu.se>
| 	* isearch.el (isearch-message-prefix):
| 	Use minibuffer-prompt-properties.

It has been reverted upstream on March 6, but that won't make it into
Debian because emacs-snapshot is now orphaned. :-( Meanwhile, you can
obtain a fixed version of isearch.el at




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