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Re: File type misclassification

    1) Restrict the magic for PostScript files to %!PS

     ("%!PS" . ps-mode)

Do Postscript files normally start with `%!PS'?  If so, that
change is clearly correct. 

    2) Recognize the specific case of TEX

     ("%![^VT]" . ps-mode)

In TeX, the % is a comment character.  There is no reason
for it to be followed by `!TEX'.

Is there some convention about using %! to start a file
which is being followed here?  It looks like one is in use,
but I have never heard of it.

To take this out of magic-mode-alist, and leave recognition of
Postscript to file names alone, might be a good change, but I am not
sure of usage practices.

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