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Bug#415470: emacs-snapshot-gtk: mini-buffer tab-complete segfault

dann frazier writes:
> Package: emacs-snapshot-gtk
> Version: 1:20070302-1
> Severity: normal
> To reproduce:
> 1) start emacs
> 2) use meta+x to enter command buffer
> 3) hit tab
> [SEGV]
> I can reproduce w/ both the -q and -Q parameters (as suggested by reportbug).

I cannot reproduce this under i386, so it probably specific to
your hardware.  And since emacs-snapshot is orphaned :-(, you probably
will not get much help here.

Your best bet is probably to report this upstream using
M-x report-emacs-bug.  Even then you may have to debug this yourself,
since I don't know if the Emacs developer have access to an Itanium

Note that there is a new pretest tarball at


you may want to see if your problem occurs with that version.

Good Luck,


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