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Bug#410401: scheme48: Please package new upstream version

On Sat, Feb 10, 2007 at 01:55:16PM +0100, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> I tried to upgrade the package to version 1.5 (in the same batch as
> addressing bug #401855), but I see that you switched the package to
> quilt, which means I don't know how to do the merge between
> Debian-specific changes and upstream changes.

I have packaged Scheme48 1.5 for Debian, based on the existing 1.3
package.  You can find it here:


It includes experimental support for a 32-bit amd64 package.

It uses CDBS.

It does NOT include the work described in assume-64-bit.diff, because
I lost interest.  The prelude to assume-64-bit.diff describes the
additional work needed to make Scheme48 work on pure 64-bit

It does not resolve bug #401855.

> Jorgen, I'll let you the honour of upgrading the package to 1.5.

Jorgen is no longer an active Debian developer.

PS: Please note that SLIME48[1], a slime/swank backend for Scheme48,
only works with Scheme48 1.3, and the author (Taylor Campbell) has no
plans for adding support for Scheme48 1.5.  Therefore, upgrading
Debian's Slime48 package to 1.5 will break SLIME48.  SLIME48 is not
currently part of Debian.

[1] http://mumble.net/~campbell/slime48.html
Trent Buck, Student Errant

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